I wish a Happy New Year to my readers and friends outthere!  Here we are, another year in the21st century, a time of technology, media and cinema. Well as a filmgoer,I have a few ‘resolutions’ that I would like to make and at the end of the yearI will make a check list of that and post to see how I did on my targets.  So,here it is, things I plan to do next year is a film buff, nerd, or whatever youwant to call it

  • Watch at least 280 Films
  • Watch at least 160 New Films
  • See at least 70 of the films that come out in 2012.
  • Try and get a review published in a newspaper, article oran official film site.
  • Discover and explore at least 10 new directors work.
  • Make at least 5 short films in different genres being:Drama, Action, Comedy, Documentary, Mystery & Suspense
  • Enter a film competition
  • Have over 200 followers on my blog.
  • Gain 200 subscribers on Youtube
  • Start writing a film related book
  • Expand my dvd/blu-ray c0ollection to 200
I think that is about it. Looks like I better start gettingto work on film watching and making! I wish you all a happy New Year readersand thank you for reading this and previous posts made in the year! Comment andlet me know about your resolutions for 2012.