Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Genre: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Country: USA

When people refer to 1970’s Sci-fi, they usually think Star Wars. In the same year as George Lucas’s box office smash, we had Close Encounters from Steven Spielberg. Here we see a great director implementing mechanisms that would be used in his later films like E.T and even in the new Super 8. It is clear now that Spielberg is an important director with such successful and well made films behind him. Close Encounters is a sci-fi film that has some brilliantly executed effects (for its time) on an adventure following America, and its encounter with extra-terrestrial life.

The first half of the film introduces the characters and the uproar caused by mysterious things happening, like a ship ending up in the middle of a desert. This half shows a few glimpses at spaceships, and the characters growing frightened, as well as going a little nutty. The second half involves trying to get in contact with the aliens, with the film’s final 30 minutes being the best as we eventually see up close, the other life forms.

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